DTZ analyses business locations by airports

DTZ has prepared a report entitled Address: the Airport. It is an analysis of the process of creating business locations by airport parks.

The surroundings of airport parks develop dynamically and become adjusted to business requirements. The need to develop the infrastructure near the airport makes the locations attractive for businessmen. Urban complexes developed near such places can be  divided into two layers: airport city and aerotropolis.

Airport city is an area including, apart from the airport park, the business locations situated in its nearest surroundings. Airport city can transform into a center of a bigger urban form, called aerotropolis. Within this metropolis, business centers, technology parks and other industial or logistic centers are created. Such places are attractive to enterprises connected with aviation. However, businessmen from outside this branch also locate their offices in such places, with regard to well-developed infrastructure and low activity costs.

In the report  Address: the Airport , air transport and airport infrastructure are analysed, so is their influence on the development of Polish commercial real estate market in such areas. The prospects of the development of such investments in Poland are also presented.

We recommend you to familiarize yourself with the report, which is available below.

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