The record growth of demand for warehouse spaces

In the market of warehouse spaces, the growth can be observed, after the two-year stagnation, and the demand constantly increases in a significant way.

In the first quarter of the current year, the demand for warehouses in Poland amounted to almost 500 thous. sq.m. If we develop so well throughout the whole year, we will exceed 1mln, or even 1,5 mln sq.m. in the whole year, predicts Joanna Mroczek, Director of Market Research Department, CBRE. Sha adds, so far, about 100 thous. sq.m. each quarter were built, now it is 200-300 thous. sq.m. The growth has been observed also in the demand. As it can be seen, companies look for new spaces.

It is possible to talk of the prevention of the crisis, as in the years 2008 and 2009, the investments were withheld and many of areas were not rented.  The indicator of the not-rented area was relatively high, over 20 per cent. The only investments that took place were build to suit. Last year, just buildings to specific order were put into use. Now, there is the first quarter when speculative warehouses are being built, that is without a specific tenant, as Joanna Mroczek explains.

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totel :
JARTOM ma 99 proc. rynku hal, biurowców, działek - wszędzie można coś atrakcyjnego przejąć, w całej Polsce, więc nie bardzo nawet rozumiem sens zapotrzebowania na nową powierzchnię. Może najpierw niech zostanie wykorzystane to, co jest?
August 24, 2016 at 11:23 AM