94th investment in Cracow's SSE

The Board of Krakowski Park Technologiczny has permitted Woodward Governor Poland company to begin operating activity.

Board of Krakowski Park Technologiczny ( Cracow Technological Park ) has issued a 94th permission for operating business activity in Cracow's SSE zone. It was granted Woodward Governor Poland sp. z.o.o. company.

Woodward Governor Poland handles designing, manufacturing and providing maintenance service for solutions in the area of energy optimization on markets such as: engine, industrial turbine, electric and energy hardware. Investor pledged to incur capital expenditures of a t least 4 million zl. and increase the employment by at least 5 new workers. The permission is the second one issued to Woodward.

Project is going to be executed in Niepołomice subzone, where MAN Trucks sp. z o.o., Niff Rubber Industry sp. z o.o. or Elettrostandard Polska sp. z o.o. already have their own investments.

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