Four companies in Łódz's SSE

At least 250 new workplaces will be created in subzones thanks to the investments.

Since the beginning of the year, already 12 companies have recieved permissions for operating a business activity on Łódź SSE's grounds. The total value of this year's investments is 487 million zł. Only during recent weeks three new permissions for starting an investment have been issued, while in Łódź a new processing center has been opened.

Thanks to investments of SFB Polska, Nord Farm and Hamburger Pini there will be 178 more new workplaces. In Ostrzeszów Subzone SFB Polska is going to build a manufacturing plant, in which spare parts for car industry, i.a. for Volvo, Mercedes, Renault, Man, Daf and Scania will be made. The investment will be worth 4 million zł. In Koluszki, Nord Farm is going to create  a manufacturing plant with office and warehouse parts as well as a laboratory, in which dietary supplement and medicinal product production is going to start. Investment expenses will reach 4.8 million zł and the company is going to employ 30 people. Hamburger Pini is going to invest over 60 million zł in the construction of meat processing plant in Kutno. At least 135 people will find employment there.

Swiss pharmaceutical consortium Nycomed has recently opened a Financial- Processing Center, which is going to provide accounting services for 24 European countries. The company has employed 80 spiecialist from Łódź and surroundings there.

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