New investments in Cracow's SSE

Gór-Stal and Talento Consulting Przewrocki have recieved permissions for operatin business activity in Cracow's special economic zone.


The Board of Krakowski Park Technologiczny ( Cracow Technological Park ) issued its 111th and 112th permission since the copartnership's foundation for operating business activity in Cracow's special economic zone. The permissions were granted to Gór-Stal sp. z.o.o. as well as Talento Consulting Przewrocki sp.j.

Gór-Stal Sp. z.o.o. intends to invest over 44 million PLN and increase employment by at least 50 wokrers. The company is going to operate in Bochnia subzone.

Since year 2003, Gór-Stal handles manufacturing of technologically and ecologically advanced composite wall panels with polyurethane core. The panels are used during the construction of i.a. supermarkets, warehouses, logistic and production halls and factories. In the production process, Gór-Stal uses modern technological lines provided by Hennecke GmbH company, belonging to German Bayern consortium.

Talento Consultin Przewrocki is going to invest 1.65 million PLN in Kraków-Śródmieście subzone. The company offers FINEUS service, which assists companies through supplying necessary management knowledge, alerting about dangers and performing professional reports with commentaries.

23 subzones are functioning within krakowska specjalna strefa ekonomicznaThe SSE is intended for companies from traditional industry sector as well as some companies from services sector, for example IT, research and development or accounting services. SSE even offers an aid package, complex investor service, areas for investments, office spaces for rent and various training courses.

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