UBM's new investment in Wrocław

UBM Polska is planning a construction of a new office-services investment Times II in Wrocław


UBM Times - a purpose company of UBM Polska bought lots with a total area of 0.5 ha in november in the vicinity of Ruska, Św. Mikałaja and Grabarska St. in Wrocław. It's planning a construction of Times II investment, which is starting at the turn of II and III quarter of 2013.

The complex is going to consist of office-services buildings in total offering 15 300 sqm. of modern office space and 1 580 sqm. of commercial space. The buildings are going to have an extended parking function, including a multi-storey public parking lot. According to developer's estimates, the investment's execution is to last 20 months from the start of the works.

TheResponsible for the architectural design is Autorska Pracownia Architektoniczna APA Hubka. The independent buildings within the complex are to have a consistent facade look. The structure is expected to fit into the urban area and complement it.

- We're very pleased with the won tender - says Peter Obernhuber, Board member at UBM Polska. - At the same time, being aware of the project's very specific location and unique neighbourhood, we will pour every effort so that the planned buildings constitute the destroyed urban tissue's complement and add business character to this plot of land.

UBM operates in Poland since 1993, handling commercial, hotel and residental property market. Currently it is executing i.a. Poleczki Business Park investment in Warsaw, the largest business park in Poland. UBM has branches in Warsaw, Cracow and Wrocław.


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