Two new leaseholders in tenement house "Pod Gryfami"

Space of storey amount to 780sqm
Industrial Commercial Bank of China and Waterland Private Equity Investments signed a lease contract on space in tenement house "Pod Gryfami" in Warsaw.

Tenement house "Pod Gryfami" is a historical, 19th century building, offering modern A-class office spaces. It was designed by Józef Huss, and it was built in 1886. Tenement house was significantly destroyed during the war. It was renovated for the first time in 1944, then in 2006. GLL Real Estate Partners has bought it in 2007.

The owners of the building signed regulations with two new leaseholders. Industrial Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the biggest bank in the world in terms of capitalization, will occupy 1 100sqm. Its head-quarter in Warsaw will be his first in Poland, it will become a bank's operational centre in the region of the Middle-East Europe. The contract was signed on 10 years.

Waterland Private Equity Investments, investment group of private equity type, has become a second leaseholder, it supports private entrepreneurs. The company currently has a capital with a value of 2,5 milliard Euro, and its headquarter will be located on the third storey of the tenement house.

Michael Richardson, Associate Director, Corporate Occupier Services in Warsaw Department of DTZ, representing Waterland Private Equity Investments in negotiations says: Tenement House "Pod Gryfami" is perfectly adjusted to Waterland's long-term needs. Due to its central location, historical architecture and low status on the Warsaw property market, this building is ideally suit for needs and expectations of Waterland's customers. The company gained really representative place for organization in the centre its actions in Poland.

Knight Frank company was owner's consultant.

Tenement house "Pod Gryfami" is located at Plac Trzech Krzyży in Warsaw. It offers almost 3 800sqm of modern office space on five storeys and 34 parking spaces. Architecture of the building refers to a late Italian Renaissance.

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