Bayer is already in Olivia Business Center

Olivia Tower
Olivia Tower
Olivia Tower and Olivia Point were commissioned at the beginning of January 2013. Bayer company will move into Olivia Tower.

The fact of the matter is that we have been in Olivia Business Center since September 2012. At this time, we occupied about 400sqm of temporary space in Olivia Gate building. We're moving to our final registered office in Olivia Tower - says Remigiusz Wojciechowski, the head of Bayer Service Center Gdańsk. Finance-Accounting Centre Bayer Service Center Gdańsk is a part of a global chain of service centres. They work on i.a. accounting of tangible assets and accounting of travelling costs. Bayer will occupy 1 200sqm in Olivia Tower first, then another 1200sqm until the end of 2014 at the latest. Registered office will occupy two floors joined with the staircase designed only for leaseholder use.

The aim of Bayer is speedup of performance and improvement of competition provided by accounting services on the international arena. Service Center Gdańsk is planning creating about 250 work places mainly for specialists from the accounting sector in three years.

We want to employ people directly after graduation without any job experience as well as experienced people who have worked in the centre of common services before. An important factor which we follow during the recruiting process is knowledge of foreign languages such as English, German and languages of about 20 countries to whom a Centre will provide services. Work in SGC is a huge chance of getting a job experience in an international corporation with a global known name - says Remigiusz Wojciechowski.

Olivia Business Center is a complex which consists of three buildings. First one, Olivia Gate, was commissioned at the beginning of 2011. New buildings such as Olivia Point (9 000sqm) and Olivia Tower (15 000sqm) offer offices with a space from 100 to 2 700sqm on each storey. Complex is located in Gdańsk, in Oliwa district. As Remigiusz Wojciechowski says: I get an impression that Oliwa as a district is subjected to significant transformations at the moment. Admittedly, I live in the Tri-City not for a long time, but I see a resilient development of Oliwa and I'm convinced that by keeping a current pace of transformation it will become a powerful candidate to achieve a label of the highest business potential district within few years.

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