Nowy Dom Jabłkowskich with another leaseholders

It is possible to adjust the space to leaseholder's needs in the office
Architecture studio SUD Architects, APAX Consulting Group and Polish Investment Fund will move into Warsaw's office.

Nowy Dom Jabłkowskich is a modern A-class office located in the centre of Warsaw at Chmielna 19 Street. The building is executed in a cooperation with LHI and Dom Towarowy Bracia Jabłkowscy. The structure offers 4 500sqm of space totally on 6 tiers. 3 200sqm is designed for lease, where 410 sqm on the ground floor is a commercial space. Office was commissioned in September 2011, it is during the phase of commercialization at the moment. After signing the last contracts, available became two modules with a space of 300sqm (with a possibility of division) and 100sqm.

Choice of Nowy Dom Jabłkowskich by companies such as SUD Architectes, APAX Consulting Group and Polish Investment Fund is for us a superlative and at the same time it's a confirmation of attractiveness of our investment. We're glad that companies of such a high status have noticed a unique character as well as a class of such building and have chosen Nowy Dom Jabłkowskich on its registered office - said Robert Mandżunowski, CEO w LHI.

SUD Architects occupied most space on the last, fifth storey of the building. The beginning of December was connected with the completion of adaptation works for the purpose of architecture studio. As Nicolas Rogues, Partner and Managing Director in SUD Architects says: We've been creating a modern architecture, implementing projects in respect of culture and history of the city for over 20 years. Nowy Dom Jabłkowski and Chmielna 19 Street is a unique place for Warsaw's history, where two worlds meet - old one and a new capital. We were impressed by the character and the form of this unique building, so we decided to transfer our registered office just right there.

APAX Consulting Group together with Polish Investment Fund will soon move into on the half of the second floor. In choice of new office, we paid attention on high quality of the investment and offered standards, as well as attractive location which will be a business card  of our companies. Comfortable work conditions and prestige of Nowy Dom Jabłkowskich are undoubtedly value of this office - says Dariusz Brzeziński, Managing Partner in APAX Consulting Group and Wojciech Szapiel President of Polish Investment Fund.

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