ECO Chmielna 25 officially opened

LHI sp. Z o.o. held an opening ceremony of a new office building in Warsaw – Chmielna 25.

On the 22nd of October a new LHI's sp. Z o.o. investment in Warsaw, a modern office and services location Chmielna 25, was put into operation. Over 150 guests took part in the event, including the mayor of Warsaw's Warszawa Śródmieście district Wojciech Bartelski, Board President of LHI Oliver Porr and chairmen of the board LHI GmbH Peter Kober and Jens Kramer. The creators of the project, architects Andrzej Bulanda and Wojciech Mucha, along with various business partners of the investor were present at the ceremony. Leaseholders of both LHI's investments were present as well.

LEED certificate committee has given the Chmielna 25 location a certificate on Gold level on 19th of October 2013. The office building is a second investment, after Nowy Dom Jabłkowskich, constructed by LHI at Chmielna St.

Nowy Dom Jabłkowskich, a structure put into operation 2 years ago, is a seat of many respectable and successful companies. I'm convinced that Chmielna 25 will also be such a place. Leaseholders interested in the location point out its unique connection of the office building's positives, such as localization, architecture, quality and aesthetics of execution as well as interior ergonomics – said Robert Mandżunowski, CEO LHI. Chmielna 25 turned out to be such a comfortable workplace that we've decided to move our office here ourselves – he adds.

The entire commerce part of the building will be taken by Smyk, which will create here it's main store. The leaseholders of the office part are Nextep Group and LHI Sp. Z o.o.

Chmielna 25 offers 3 800 sqm of office space on seven surface floors and about 1 700 sqm commerce and services space on levels 0 and -1. The building's plan and its architecture derive from the local tenant’s houses. Architects from Bulanda office, Mucha Architekci, have created a five storey high atrium covered with glass roof, right in the centre of the structure. Thanks to that, the natural sunlight illuminates the shared space and the rooms with windows on the patio. Spaces on the north-eastern side provide a view on the neighbouring tenant's house with a greenery, while the back of the building faces the backyard with a lot of trees just by Widok 14 St. Terrace has been located on the 5th floor of Chmielna 25. Showers on each floor of the building as well as bicycles parking spots on the ground floor are available to the building's users. On the -2 level, 25 parking spots for for cars along with electric cars charging site have been located. The leaseholders will also be able to make use of a small café.

Small office buildings in strict city centres are of high interest to companies in search of prestige and good location. Office towers are unable to provide such a level of luxury. Very intimate office buildings, along with revitalized tenant's houses, attract leaseholders with a refined taste and offer a unique climate of a community of people who are not anonymous to each other and work in such a place together – comments Robert Mandżunowski.

Budner S.A. was the general contractor of Chmielna 25. The company has been working on that investment for 18 months, since Autumn 2011.  

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