Home.pl settles in the Pomerania Technopark building

Visualisation of Pomerania Technopark buidlings
Pomerania Technopark buildings close-up
Home.pl has signed the leasing agreement with the Pomerania Technopark in Szczecin.

We have been searching for new premises for a while. Technological Park is the best place for new technolgogy companies to develop. Such parks have worked well in the U.S. and Western Europe for years. We are very happy that Szczecin creates an environment for cooperation of companies. We are willing to engage in its development. - says Marcin Kuśmierz, Home.pl CEO.

Home.pl experts are suppose to be mentors and business supervisors for young, developing companies located in Pomerania Technopark offices. Over two hundred managers and experts will offer their support. Additionaly, the company will assure the access to the latest technological solutions, as well as managing and marketing know-how. The tenants of the Pomerania Technopark will be able to participate in events co-organized by Home.pl.

Co-oparation with such a big partner will procure meritorical development of the Park and business support for small and medium companies located in it; these companies will also have new order possibilities. Home.pl will have easier access to IT specialists. - emphasizes Grzegorz Fiuk, the president of the Pomerania Technopark.

At present, the Pomerania Technopark negotiates with over 20 companies interested in moving their premises to the Park's buildings that are under construction. The Park also talks with Home.pl about commercial use of the infrustructure of the Technopark Data Centre that is being built at the moment. Moreover, the company is discussing the level of its engagement in co-operation with computer companies affiliated with ICT Western Pomerania Cluster.

The infrustructure of the Data Centre will help us build and test new services for customers in Szczecin. Thanks to the Technopark we want to acquire new, interesting projects, develop business cooperation with other IT companies and increase employment. - says Marcin Kuśmierz.

At the moment, three new buildings are being built in the Technopark. A data centre devoted to cloud computing services and new office spaces will be located in them. 

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Kam :
To, że na zachodzie i USA tak mają wcale nie oznacza, że jest to super!
January 31, 2013 at 1:09 PM