"Romance of art and technique" in Pomerania Technopark


To the new space of Pomerania Technopark came art – on the walls artists create painting and sculpture.

Original decoration and portion of inspiration

Piece of art with are created in the Pomerania Technopark will be unique decoration of interior – they are supposed to stimulate creative thinking of workers of new companies located in the building. Decorations are the last step in building Technopark, which will be ready to use at the end of the January 2015 and first of the tenant will come in the march of this year.

Artists who create in Pomerania Technopark come from Szczecin, they had created exhibitions and other artistic activities in Poland and abroad. Their activities had given them appreciation among the art recipients, furthermore they have experience in creation such works. On surface of two walls of 60 sq.m. in hall one of the three new buildings are formed big paintings by artist – painter Wojciech Koniuszko and interior design Piotr Ledóchowski. In the other building of the complex on surface of 40 sq. m. artist – sculptor Monika Szpener crate a sculpture.


Romance of art and technique

The leading theme of formed pieces is development of new informatics technologies but also their place and role in the human being. Investor makes a point that for developing art, but also science and business too creativity is essential, so it is important that new companies from informatics branch have area which stimulate to thinking and is inspiring for innovation concepts. This is why in the Technopark besides offices there will be exhibition area, meeting rooms, lunch bar and open spaces for individual and group work on surface of 700 sq. m. They will be well equipped and furnished, enriched at artistic elements, so they will be creative areas said Katarzyna Witkowska from Pomerania Technopark.

Artist Wojciech Koniuszek make a point that in metaphoric sense it will be some kind of romance of art and technique. The idea of wall paintings is to show cooperation of human and machine, but also relation to IT world. We are referred to as esthetic of film 'Metropolis' Fritza Langa, which related to what is happening in the developing technologies added designer Piotr Ledóchowski. One of the element of the mural will be a neon with Techne word – Greek word which mean art, but also a craft. Wojtek Koniuszek explain that in Ancient Greece art has wider meaning than nowadays, in that concept there had been also seeing art as a craft and ability to make something by following the rules. The idea for artists is to show spirit of technological development in the paintings, particularly the most recent development, based on informatics and IT technologies.

Symbolic of the sculpture

Big paintings created perspective of room – walls in halls will not be flat, art revive them and make interior more attractive. On similar way should work sculpture of Monika Szpener. The main elements will be light, elastic membrane and few thousand of human figurines. Idea of sculpture refer to flowing reality in which people live nowadays, systems and relationship to which he refer to be able to function in society and in corporation space. I want to show symbolic aspiration to be on the top and maintenance on the wave explain Monika Szpener.

Who is behind this?

Initiator and coordinator of all action is Monika Krupowicz, who lead art gallery – Open Gallery. Cost of action will be paid from funds for making wall decoration, partly finance by the main executor of investment - Skanska company, partly by Pomerania Technopark. Project is second initiative of Open Gallery, thanks to it in Szczecin in public-office area there will be artistic objects.

I hope that piece of art will become a historical, and art in public area will be part of every investment Szczecin. Placed during planning time costs are low, refer to whole investment resume Monika Krupowicz.


Activity of Pomerania Technopark is directed on developing enterprise innovation in region, support local enterprises and making city more popular among foreign companies. There will be signed 32 lease agreement in Pomerania Technopark with informatics companies – most of them are small and medium size enterprise and over a dozen start up form IT branch.  

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