The Treasury invests

Customs Chamber in Zielona Góra is going to have a new headquarters. The deal for the building's construction has been signed with Erbud company.

On 30th august this year, a deal  has been signed under which Erbud is to build headquarters of Urząd Celny and Oddział Celny (Customs House and Branch) in Zielona Góra. The investor is the Treasury - Customs Chamber with an office in Rzepin. The contract's net value amounts to 20.84 million zł, while the conlusion of construction works is planned for september 2015.

Erbud company specializes in performing construction works. The enterprise was founded in august 1990 in Toruń. 6 years later it opened its first foreign branch - in former RFN. Since 11th may 2007 Erbud's stocks are being listed in the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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