New jobs and further expansion of Capgemini in Kraków

Rondo Business Park in Kraków
Rondo Business Park in Kraków
Capgemini increases the employment and rents additional space in Rondo Business Park.

Capgemini Polska Sp. z o.o., member of the Capgemini Group, rented additional 1,700 m2 of office space in Rondo Business Park office building in Kraków. It is part of the company’s strategy of increasing the employment in Lesser Poland’s capital. The company already is the biggest employer of the region in the modern business service sector. In the following year it plans to employ additional 300 people, mainly the specialists from finance, accounting and IT departments.

In Poland, the company employs more than 5,300 people, it is also the second biggest foreign investor in the country from the modern business service sector. Its offer includes planning company transformations with the use of IT, IT services, outsourcing of business projects and the development of software which will meet the expectations of individual business.

Capgemini is the tenant of the biggest amount of office space in Lesser Poland. In Kraków it has in total 24,000 m2 in Rondo Business Park and Quattro Business Park office building. It is planning further expansion.

New contracts gives us ground to further and more intensively expand the Kraków Capgemini centre. Currently in Kraków we employ almost 3,200 people, which makes us the biggest in Lesser Poland and the second biggest in the country foreign investor from the modern business service sector. In the coming months we plan an intensification of recruitment processes and the employment of 300 additional people – explains Marek Grodziński, President of Centrum BPO Capgemini, Executive Officer of Capgemini Polska.

The company is recruiting for two business units in Kraków: BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and Infrastructure Services.

In connection to Capgemini’s dynamic development in Kraków, we are looking for employees with an expert knowledge of finances, accounting, business analysis, customer service, as well as specialists on databases, infrastructure and project administration. Our ambitious recruitment plans are the effect of having new clients from BPO and IT sectors and expanding the scale and portfolio of the processes, operated by the company. Capgemini is currently one of the biggest representatives of the sector of professional business support sector – says Agnieszka Jarecka, Head of HR SSC at Capgemini Polska.

Who can apply for a job in Capgemini? The recruitment is run among not only specialists with a few years of experience, but also university students and graduates. In both cases, a requirement is fluent knowledge of at least one foreign language. Additionally, interpersonal competences are needed, such as clarity, the ability to work in a team and the ability to quickly adapt to dynamic business environment.

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