Flexible approach is very important

Interview with Katarzyna Peto-Ziemkiewicz, Capgemini Eastern Europe office manager.
Katarzyna Peto-Ziemkiewicz
Katarzyna Peto-Ziemkiewicz

What are the requirements for the office of the biggest international companies and what Krakow has to offer - an interview with Katarzyna Peto-Ziemkiewicz, Capgemini Eastern Europe office manager conducted by Maciej Jakubowiak. 



Based on which criteria do you choose office buildings for your business? 
The investor must meet formal legal requirements for proper operation of the entire technical infrastructure of the facility, in accordance with the requirements of European law and labor and employment characteristics of Capgemini. I am talking about issues related to the proper operation of air conditioning systems, ventilation, lighting, windows, daylight and additional services provided in the building, such as canteen, kiosk or ATM. 
Does Capgemini have some specific requirements for the office? 
During negotiations, a flexible approach and the ability to adapt the project to the needs of tenants is very important, even if they go beyond the concept of the so-called. standard solutions or standard market practice and require both sides to look for new solutions. Such cooperation is then very inspiring and I think that it gives both parties great satisfaction. 
How is the process of searching an office for your company? 
The selection process begins with the research of entire office market in the city. Normally we use the support of international real estate agencies and, based on reports received from them, we choose few projects with sufficient area and that meet our requirements of location.Agency sends a specially developed inquiries on our behalf. In response to these questions, the owner provides a lot of detailed information on the technical infrastructure of the building and its equipment, and declares the rate of rent. Then, in each of these locations we hold some meetings. The result is an initial choice of at least two locations, with which we are continuing negotiations. This brings us to the final selection. 
In Krakow you have leased a lot of office space, nearly 20 thousand. sq m What drove you to the choice of the city? 
The choice of the city is mainly dictated by the availability of human resources. In the case of Capgemini, we choose regional centers, in which there are universities. Another important aspect is the infrastructure of the city that is satisfactory public transport network and the airport. The third element is of course the presence of developers, which often depends on the goodwill of local authorities. 
How do you assess the future of Krakow's commercial real estate market? 
Krakow market continues to grow and does not lose its attractiveness. However, I do not think Krakow could be an alternative for Warsaw. Amount of office space is ten times lower than in the capital. Krakow competes more directly with Wroclaw and Katowice. 
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