Skyscraper near the saucer sold for 29 million zlotys

ŚDOKP Skyscraper
ŚDOKP Skyscraper
Polish Railway Company (PKP) has ended the bid for the sale of the former seat of Silesian Regional Board of Polish Railway Company (ŚDOKP).

72 meter high office building near the Katowice's saucer has been sold for 29 million zlotys. The former seat of ŚDOKP offers over 17 000 sqm on 18 levels and is located by Roździeńskiego St. Two investors wanted to buy this location.


We're very happy by the fact of resolving the bid for sale of real estate by Roździeńskiego St. in Katowice. It was one of the most interesting location in the this year's offer of ours. Now the process of completing the sale of the real estate has to be completed and its final destination is signing the notary act – says Grzegorz Tomaszewski, Head of Real Estate Sales Department in PKP S.A.


Close to the real estate is not only the renowned saucer, but also Galeria Rondo Sztuki Shopping Centre and various hotel and office locations. In the future, the surroundings of the skyscraper will be supplemented with new structures of culture and business, such as Sliesian Museum or International Congress Centre. The office building is located by Generała Ziętka Roundabout, which is one of the main communication lines of the city, and by the connection of city arteries: Wojciecha Korfantego Ave. and Walentego Roździeńskiego Ave. Railway station Katowice Główne is located about 1,5 km from the building.


Office building of ŚDOKP has been built in 1974 and is located on a parcel of 0,7246 ha. According to the study of conditions and ways of spatial utilization for the city of Katowice, the are should be used for office, commercial and services functions. The creation of tall locations, making for the architectural dominants, is allowed in the area. 

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