Dachser in a new office

Okęcie Business Park in Warsaw
Okęcie Business Park in Warsaw
Dachser Air & Sea Logistic moved into Okęcie Business Park office complex in Warsaw.

The tenant works in the new office from 27 January of the current year. The office of Dachser Air & Sea Logistics is currently located on 12 Stycznia Street, in the new Okęcie Business Park complex in Warsaw.


In our new office in Okęcie Business Park we will have not only better, more comfortable working conditions, but most of all, bigger offices space, with the possibility of enlarging it in the future. New office is not only the bow to our employees, but, above all, to our customers, whom we will be able to service even more effectively, comments Robert Pastryk, General Manager, Dachser Air & Sea Logistics in Poland.


The logistic operator currently rents 315 sq. m of office space in the building Corius, belonging to the complex.


We chose the office in Okęcie Business Park complex, because it has a great location, close to the international Chopin Airport and it is also extremely modern, says Robert Pastryk. Our business is intricately linked with air transport, and that is why the vicinity of the airport was a crucial condition when choosing the new location. The implementation of modern material and environmentally-friendly solutions ideally fits in with the policy of the Dachser company, for which high quality and ecological aspect are a priority. It was yet another argument when we made the decision where our new office should be located, he adds.


Corius office block has LEED certificate, which is the proof of its energy efficiency and minimal impact on the environment. Okęcie Business Park complex was made by Globe Trade Centre S.A. In the building, apart from Dachser Air & Sea Logistics, there are companies such as: Funai, Ithaca, EFG Eurobank, Avon, EGIS and Pandora.


Dachser Air & Sea Logistics has been providing services in Poland since 2010. It works in the air transport and shipping sector. The company is a part of Dachser group, which includes also Dachser European Logistics and Dachser Food Logistics.

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