ECO The Corius building with the LEED GOLD certificate

The picture depicts the Corius building
The picture depicts the Corius building
Corius in Warsaw, owned by GTC, acquired the prestigious LEED GOLD certificate. It is the second building in Poland certified in the Core and Shell category.

Corius is a part of the complex Okęcie Business Park in Warsaw, situated et ul. 17 stycznia near the Chopin airport. The building offers 8 840 sq.m. modern office area. As the Globe Trade Center informs, the building was awarded the  prestigious certificate in the category in which all investment stages are taken into account; from choosing the location, planning and designing, to building works and  implementation of design assumptions.

As Piotr Kroenke, Director General of GTC, says, I am proud that the GTC’s portfolio will now contain such an exceptional building. Corius is only the second building in Poland which can pride itself on the LEED certificate in the “Core and Shell” category. This fact confirms that we have worked really hard and that we have managed to create a top-class building.

The Corius building was designed in such a way, so that its negative impact on the natural environment could be restricted as much as possible. Already at the stage of planning and implementation of the investment, it was necessary to care about the organization of some works preventing excessive  soil erosion and negative impact on the environment. What is more, BMS was implemented, that is a modern system of building management allowing for energy savings.

In the building, there is a special infrastructure intended for cyclists (bike parks, changing rooms and showers for those using this means of transport). Tenants can also use a bus stop, which, thanks to GTC’s exertions, was established near Okęcie Business Park.

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