Intel develops in Gdansk

ALLCON@Park in Gdansk
ALLCON@Park in Gdansk
Intel Technology Poland Company leased approx. 4,600 sqm. of additional office space in the complex ALLCON @ park.

At the beginning of June Allcon Investment Company acquired an office building located in the immediate vicinity of the complex ALLCON @ park, located near Gdansk Airport. With this transaction, the office center has expanded for the fourth building.

The first three office buildings have created respectively in 1998, 2005 and 2011. Purchased the building goes modernization and will be expand, so that will offer approx. 4,800 sqm. of usable area (currently has approx. 2,700 sqm.). Current owner and tenant of the building was Young Digital Planet, which until the end of August will leave both established and rented space in an office building ALLCON @ park 3.

Released and upgraded surfaces has designed for the needs of the main and sole tenant of the complex ALLCON @ park, or Intel Technology Poland. The tenant recently decided to extend the space occupied by approx. 4,600 sqm. The company has also signed annexes extending part of the current leases for the next five years (approx. 3,500 sqm.).

When the end of the fourth reconstruction, recently purchased the building rentable area in the complex belonging to Allcon Investment will increase to approx. 25 000 sqm.


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