IMMOFINANZ Group gains another tenants

Park Postępu
Park Postępu
At the beginning of 2015, IMMOFINANZ Group concluded 13 lease agreements concerning office areas in six investments. The total space of commercialized offices amounts to over 11 000 sq. m.

The newly signed contracts are continuation of a positive trend which was observed by our company last year, when we managed to finalize many meaningful agreements. On the one hand, it fills us with optimism, but on the other hand – it is additional motivation to obtain results at least on a similar level in the following months – comments Magdalena Kowalewska, Head of Asset Management Office & Logistics Poland, IMMOFINANZ Group. The signed agreements are the effect of a wide and diversified office offer of IMMOFINANZ, involvement of a professional team and perfect cooperation with agents adds Magdalena Kowalewska.


The great majority of concluded transactions concerns Park Postępu located in Mokotów district. IMMOFINANZ Group has recently let there over 7200 sq. m to companies like Abbott Laboratories pharmaceutic concern (2800 sq. m), other enterprise representing the same sector (2000 sq. m), Damovo technological partnership (616 sq. m), S&T Services Poland (almost 1500 sq. m) and Mleczarnia Turek (447 sq. m). The tenants were represented by international Cushman & Wakefield consulting company in renegotiations of these agreements.


The total area of negotiated contracts amounts to ca. 20 per cent of the whole office park. We also introduced to our clients some competitive offers concerning offices in other buildings, however, we managed to obtain attractive conditions of extending our contracts by way of negotiations with the owner of the occupied structure. Park Postępu office complex has numerous attributes, except for convenience location, from which all employees in companies located in it may benefit. In the structure there are i.a. restaurants, medical center and fully equipped conference hall available to tenants. Moreover, the building received a prestigious ecological Green Building certificate – says Artur Sutor, Associate from office area department, Cushman & Wakefield. 


Furthermore, in other Mokotów office, that is IO-1, four lease agreements were signed for jointly over 1200 sq. m. They concern such companies like Tempo Finanse (almost 340 sq. m), Givaudan (321 sq. m.), KUPEG (243 sq. m) and Horiba ABX (304 sq. m).


Another contracts concern such offices as Bokserska Office Center (452 sq. m), Crown Point (nearly 1500 sq. m), VIVUS Finance company which rented an office in Brama Zachodnia (almost 650 sq. m) and Omnitec, a company from IT sector which decided to rent 324 sq. m in Nimbus office building. 

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