PKO as the first tenant in the Topos office

Topos office - visualization
Topos office - visualization
We know the first tenant of a small office investment of the Capital Park Group located at Pawia Street in Cracow.

The newest office project of the Capital Group is being realized at Pawia Street in Cracow in close proximity to Galeria Krakowska and Kraków Główny railway station. The Topos building will offer 550 sq. m of office and service area. Moreover, the 22th Cracow department of PKO Bank Polski will occupy nearly a half of the space – that is 245 sq. m.


The selection of Topos by PKO is a part of the bank’s strategy concerning the activities which are supposed to improve the quality of the customer service. The bank is modernizing the headquarters of foregoing departments and transferring the registered offices to new business attractive locations within the mentioned activities. It is also realizing activities which are aimed at development of attractive micro-markets with a great potential for business development.


The construction works have already started at Pawia Street. The architectural conception, the authors of which are Cracow DDD Architekci and MZ Studio, envisages the combination of tradition and modern elements. The reference to them is especially noticeable in the building’s façade. The ceramic front elevation with typical motives for Cracow architecture is connected with modern glass and steel solutions. The new development will be combined with a foregoing medieval wall pervading into the building’s interior and causing the impression that it is a part of this composition. The Topos project obtained a positive opinion by the Voivodeship Preservationist.


The general contractor of the small office project is the Erbet company. The commission of the investment is planned on the first quarter of 2016.


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wizualizacja fajna z tym PKO BP na dole.
April 9, 2015 at 11:15 AM