ECO Avia rents 12 500 sq. m

Gdański Business Center II - visualization
Gdański Business Center II - visualization
Aviva insurance group is changing its headquarters for Gdański Business Center II. It will occupy 12 500 sq. m in that structure.

Aviva is going to occupy area in the building C which is currently realized in Warsaw Gdański Business Center II. The headquarters of the company will be located in an office with the area of 12 500 sq. m. The present registered office is situated in the Platinium Business Park IV complex in the Służewiec district. Except for the office, Aviva decided to rent 400 sq. m on the ground floor of the building A which was realized within the first stage of Gdański Business Center and commissioned in June last year. A customer service office as well as department of Aviva will be located on this area. 


We have been searching for a modern headquarters – friendly for clients, employees and environment, not expensive and with an easy access mainly by a public transport. After a thorough analysis of many factors, we decided to rent area in Gdański Business Center II – says Adam Uszpolewicz, Chairman of Aviva Group in Poland.  


The obtainment of such a renowned company as Aviva to our group of tenants is a great honor. It was very important to the client to find an office which provides proper conditions to further development and also with a care about borne costs. The crucial factors were i.a. proper standard of a building, flexibility in arrangement of area and convenient location with an easy access by both car and public transport – comments Grzegorz Strutyński, Commercial Chairman and Member of the Board in HB Reavis Poland. 


Gdański Business Center is a modern business complex which will be composed of four offices class A with the total area of over 99 000 sq. m. The investment is characterized by a good connection with many districts of Warsaw because it is located few meters from the Dworzec Gdański metro station in close proximity to numerous bus and tram stops and Warszawa Gdańska rail station.  


The first stage of the complex is composed of two buildings A and B and it was commissioned in June 2014. The planned date of completion of the buildings C and D, which are being realized within the second stage, is envisaged on the first quarter of 2016. The project and construction meet all requirements of the BREEAM certificate.  


Aviva is one of the largest insurance groups in Europe. It has been functioning on the British market for over 300 years whereas in Poland – since 1992. The company services 3.5 million clients and manages assets with the value of over 50 billion zlotys. It is specialized in individual life, health and accident insurances. It also offers solutions which enable saving and investing money in important goals – including retirement pension. Aviva insures apartments, houses, cars and properties of clients’ companies. 


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