New technologies in Koneser

Koneser Praga Center
Koneser Praga Center
CLICO is a new tenant of building P which belongs to Koneser Praga Center. The company is among the leaders of the sector of new technologies. It rented 640 sq. m of office space, which means that 40 per cent of office space will have been rented in Koneser after finalization of this contract.

The size of office space in Koneser Praga Center amounts to 25 000 sq. m, 640 sq. m of which are to be occupied by the office of CLICO. The company specializes in tools for data protection, facture of efficient and safe computer networks, etc.


Koneser Praga Center is situated at Ząbkowska Street in the Warsaw's Praga district. It constitutes a combination of the old city structure with modernity. The investment is realized within the revitalization of the former Warsaw Vodka Factory "Koneser", which included adaptation of the historical buildings as well as construction of the new ones. The employees have a broad cultural as well as commercial and retail offer at their disposal. Additionally, there will be Moxy Warsaw Praga and the Polish Vodka Museum located in the complex. Koneser Praga Center is an example of mixed-use space, which combines residential, business, commercial and cultural functions.


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Ksawery :
Koneser dzięki kilku najemcom staje się bardzo kreatywnym i nowoczesnym kwartałem. W czasach gdzie większość nowoczesnych firm myśląc o biurze odrazu wybiera centrum miasta bądź zatłoczony mordor sprytniejsi wprowadzają się do Konesera gdzie ich sąsiadem będzie Google Campus. Komunikacja i mozliwości handlowo usługowe będę na tym samym poziomie.
January 26, 2017 at 1:16 AM