IT area for a Dutch company

Goyello, Polish-Dutch company, from 2006 runs in IT business, has chosen a new business premises - first building of Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk.

One of the factors which influenced company's decision was access to well-qualified workers, in which Goyello functions - IT business. Many students study science in Universities in Gdańsk. Office conditions signified a lot in this matter. New office of Goyello's company has 700 sqm and can seat 100 of workers.

Despite current crisis, dynamic development made that our present office hasn't met our needs any longer. We've chosen Olivia Gate mainly because of the location and funcionality of the building. We have more comfortable space now which we can use to work, meeting with customers, relax and developing our creativity. We achieved a space perfectly suitable to our philosophy of work, because we had a possibilty to arrange it the way we wanted. This place makes a big impression on workers as well as on foreign customers - says Katarzyna Szemro, Marketing Director from Goyello.

3.5 ha area was designed to develop Olivia Business Centre complex, where offices will be surrounded by the green area, benches and fountain. First completed building within Olivia Gate complex has 700 sqm and is already leased in 90%. Complex has 120 000 sqm of usable space, and 10% of this will be a selling-service space.

Goyello mainly deals with: outsourcing of IT services for Dutch and American brands, CRM solutions (Customer Relationship Management - management of relations with customers) e-commerce and automation of retail process.

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