120 innovative companies in Gdańsk

AIP Business Link's branch is going to be created in the first building of Olivia Business Centre


We're cooperating with many organisations gathering entrepreneurs from the entire world, so that the companies operating under AIP BL could become the new Skype or Google... I hope we manage to create such a company exactly in Gdańsk - says Mariusz Turski, vice president at Polska Przedsiębiorcza, whose part is AIP Business Link project.

Operating under Polska Przedsiębiorcza (Enterprising Poland) are AIP BL, inwesting in around 1000 Polish start-ups and Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości - an Eureopean network associating around 5000 enterprises. Offering its subjects support and series of assistance services, as well as providing them with a conference-multimedia-networking base, AIP BL makes it easier for entrepreneurs to develop and enter the market. The network also possesses the largest in Poland Seed Venture type fund, which has already invested in around 50 start-ups.

Olivia Business Centre will contain three buildings - the already completed Olivia Gate as well as Olivia Point and Olivia Tower. Located on 120 000 sq. m. will be offices, 12 000 m2 retail and service outlets and a two-storey parking lot. 120 innovative companies will operate their activities on the complex's grounds.

The complex has been designed by Konior&Partners architectural studio, while the investor is Maciej Grabski, Wirtualna Polska's co-creator.

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