Business Garden the new headquarters of Adidas

An investor and developer of business park Business Garden in Warsow - SwedeCenter, has signed an agreement with Adidas company for 2 800 sq. meters of office space.

We are pleased to welcome the first leaseholder in Business Garden complex.
I am convinced that signing a  lease contract with Adidas company will be the begining of our long-term cooperation - said Roger Andersson the Director of SwedeCenter. He also admit that ;  Business Garden generate a huge interest of leasholders. We provide advanced conversations about rental of few thousands of sq.meters office area and new contracts will be signed shortly.

Adidas is a company aware of  their responsibility for natural environment as well as for their employees. While looking for new office in Warsow our goal was to improve the  quality and effectivity of working environment,  to create better, modern place to work - more attractive, more productive, more halthy.
The idea of Business Garden office perfectly obey this philosophy. - mention Anna Krześniak, Senior Consultant in Office Space Deartment Jones Lang LaSalle.

Company will take the second floor in the one of  two buildings, which are created during first stage of investment. In negotiations the client was represented by Jones Lang LaSalle.

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