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Park Club
Why commercial, service or gastronomic points are expected by tenants to be located in the neighborhood of their offices? What matters can be dealt with by employees on the area of office buildings?

Companies compete for employees in various ways and thus head office is becoming more and more important factor in the recruitment process. The office and its surroundings constitute an image tool of Employer Branding, for working space is a reflection of organizational culture of a given company. The number of candidates who want to visit the head office of their future employers is increasing. What is more, it is not only the looks which matters but also the services available on the area of the office. In times when life can be really hectic, many employees want to have an opportunity to deal with different daily matters within their workplace. Modern office buildings attempt at meeting all these requirements. Tenants expect a broad service and gastronomic offer. Investments which offer something more than only working space are eagerly visited, also after working hours. Thereby, you can eat a very tasty meal, do the shopping, play volleyball or deal with simple matters in many office buildings these days.

Ground floor with Different Types of Services

The importance of service and commercial offer in office complexes is of great importance as, for instance, the whole tier is dedicated to such points in modern buildings. Most frequently, but not always, commercial, service or gastronomic premises are located on the ground floor. The example is Krakow office – Park Club. The ground floor offers commercial space with an accompanying gastronomic part. Why is it common to locate commercial or gastronomic premises on the ground floor? This is because such location allows for benefitting from gastronomic or service offer to people who do not work in a given office but who want to eat a meal in the restaurant or have their laundry cleaned. Such separation of commercial zone from office space allows people who work on the remaining floors to remain calm as shopping or café noise do not disturb their work.

Health and Beauty

The offer of modern offices can be really differentiated. It also includes points where employees and people from the outside can take care of their health or looks. Hence, there are often medical centers, hairstylists or cosmetic salons located in the offices. The example is Cotex Office Center in Płock, where companies from the beauty and cosmetic industry or Magnetica medical center are situated. The frequent tenant of modern offices are also fitness clubs. For instance, the chain of Zdrofit rented the whole first floor and ground floor in Equator IV.


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