Financiers Lease Space In Business Garden

Business Garden Warszawa
Business Garden Warszawa
Business Garden Warszawa office complex has obtained new tenants.

Vastint Poland has signed lease contracts with two companies from the financial sector. They have leased 4500 sq. m of office space in Business Garden Warszawa. New tenants will move into the complex in the first half of 2018.

Business Garden office complex is situated at Żwirki i Wigury Street, which is one of the key thoroughfares of the city located in close proximity to the city center of Warsaw. There is a well-developed system of public communication with SKM and bus lines in the closest surroundings to this investment, which provides a fast access to the office building from any part of the city.

Business Garden Warszawa is a multifunctional complex which comprises seven small office buildings of total leasable space amounting to 90 000 sq. m. The office space was designed in such a way to provide optimal exhibition to daylight. The buildings were awarded LEED Platinum. A distinguishing factor of this complex is architecture and open garden with relaxation zones among greenery and access to Wi-Fi. The area of the garden with the biologically active green roofs occupies up to 60 per cent of the entire complex. There is a hotel with over 200 rooms, conference center with 8 rooms and restaurant. What is more, there will be also a canteen, grocery, fitness club and numerous service points launched in Business Garden.


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