New shared services centre in Gdansk

The picture shows Opera Office building
The picture shows Opera Office building
In Opera Office in Gdansk the new shared services centre will be created. The office surface in the building was rented by Metsä Group, a Finnish company.

Metsä Group is a Finnish company in wood industry specializing in so-called nordic wood, i.e. processing the wood from forest plantations. The company offers the wide variety of products such as tissues, paper towels, cardboard, paper, cellulose fibres, etc. Metsä Group rented 1000 square metres in Opera Office. The shared services centre supporting financial and transactional activity of the company will be opened there.

Although the company will begin the activity in September, the recruitment of employees has already started. Alan Aleksandrowicz, the chairman of InvestGDA which advises the Finnish, said: ‘We are glad that Metsä Group, a Finnish company, has chosen Gdansk and that we could have supported it since the first visit of the company’s represenatives in our firm. The Finnish, who have already started the recruitment process, are going to create 100 new jobs in the modern and pleasant interiors of one of the newest office blocks in Gdansk – Opera Office.’

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