Kowale Centre has a new tenant

The visualization presents Kowale Centre
The visualization presents Kowale Centre
A new tenant will appear in the Tricity building of commercial and office character. AXI IMMO acted as a go-between in the transaction.

The transaction was the first lease of office surface in Kowale Centre. Tha first office in the building will be openned by Endomed Medical Diagnostics Centre. The company employing the doctors with high qualifications provides specialized clinic care. Apart from this Endomed does lab tests, nursing and genetic tests. The company will occupy 456 square metres of office space in Kowale Centre.

Kowale Centre is the investment of convenience shopping centre kind. Its aim is to be the closest to customers and enable them easy and quick shopping. That is why it is coming into existence in the neighbourhood of the large housing estates in Kowale, the town belonging to the Tricity agglomeration.

Renata Osiecka from AXI IMMO said: ‘We offer our customers support in the retail as well as in the office sector. The office surface within the Kowale Centre grounds represents high quality and are convienently located. We are convinced that the companies that will decide to rent the office surface in Kowale Centre will be satisfied with their choice.’

Total commercial surface of the building amounts 6000 square metres (it is rented by companies such as Tesco, Ganesh, Play or Zoolandia). On the other hand, the office surface of Kowale Centre is over 900 square metres. The openning of the building is scheduled on the 4th quarter of the year.

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