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PKP sells and invests

PKP SA is planning to obtain 300 million zlotys of income from sales of its investments in 2015. Moreover, the developer activity will be also continued.

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Dispute concerning offices in Poznań station

The president of Poznań does not like the plans of Trigranit company concerning the old Poznań Główny station. The Polish State Railways would like to open 32 000 sq. m of office and hotel area in it. The city, in turn, would rather the travelers still use the structure.

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SEMEKO will develop over 14 hectares in Gdynia

SEMEKO Investment Group S.A. partnership was chosen as a partner to commercial development of Gdynia Międzytorze area. The value of the developer project initiated by PKP S.A. is estimated on the amount of ca. 700 million EURO.

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