Dispute concerning offices in Poznań station

Visualization of station surroundings prepared by Trigranit
Visualization of station, source: trigranit.pl
The president of Poznań does not like the plans of Trigranit company concerning the old Poznań Główny station. The Polish State Railways would like to open 32 000 sq. m of office and hotel area in it. The city, in turn, would rather the travelers still use the structure.

The edifice of the old Poznań Główny station has been out of service since autumn 2013, when a new communication center along with a shopping mall were opened. Trigranit Development Poland, a company which built a new station, is supposed to deal with its development. However, the president Jacek Jaśkowiak objected to activities of the partnership after knowing detailed plans of the investment: I hoped that the main task of the Polish State Railways is to service travelers. Meanwhile, I found out that it is not about improving the service of travelers but to commercialize the area of the old station and build many offices there. It will not have a positive influence on the image of our city.


According to information presented by the president, the Polish State Railways and Trigranit are going to develop the building into a modern office and hotel structure with an additional commercial and service area with a total space of 32 000 sq. m. The initial plans are confirmed by a chairman in Trigranit company – Tomasz Lisiecki. He ensures that the building will not exceed 25 meters and the partnership will also consider suggestions of the city at developing the property. It is worth mentioning that according to assumptions of the developer, there will be a public part for travelers with cash desks, shops and ticket machines on the ground floor of the structure.  


The president declares that if Trigranit and the Polish State Railways will not change their plans concerning development of the structure, he will take all necessary precautions to suspend the building or at least impede the conducting of works: I cannot imagine heavy trucks passing through a renovated Kaponiera. We may, for instance, limit a tonnage on access roads to the station. The Polish State Railways may then transport elements needed for the building in their own trains. Or in a helicopter – he makes an ironic remarks.

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