Forbo Flooring Is Another Company That Supports Beekeepers

A colony collapse disorder is definitely one of the problems of today’s world. However, many people and companies are not indifferent to the fate of bees any more. The example is Forbo Flooring Poland, which supports beekeepers and natural breeding run by people with a real passion.

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Flooring Types And Acoustics

Any convenient work place requires the right acoustics as well as good flooring materials. We would like to present you 3 best acoustic flooring solutions to the office by Forbo Flooring.

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Sustainable Office Space Attracts Tenants And Employees

There are several important parameters regarding office space: thermal comfort, ventilation, lighting, acoustics or office setting. Nowadays, the major trend in work environment consists in using such patterns and colors that favor creativity, productivity, cooperation, concentration and relaxation.

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