Flooring Types And Acoustics

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Any convenient work place requires the right acoustics as well as good flooring materials. We would like to present you 3 best acoustic flooring solutions to the office by Forbo Flooring.

Polish Offices Struggle With Noise

Noise is the major problem in modern offices. As a distracting element, it disturbs employees and thus lowers their productivity, hampers communication and concentration. Noise affects well-being of employees too. It causes distraction and stress which may then lead to different health problems such as sleeping disorders, tiredness, headaches or neurosis.

Due to the fact that noise has a significant impact on health and well-being of employees, it is worth taking care of the right acoustics already at the design stage. A successful project is functional, flexible and aesthetic. However, we also attach great importance to technical parameters, including acoustic solutions. We believe that the right acoustics is an essential value, thus it has become an inseparable element of our projects – say the architects from The Design Group studio.

To Lower Noise Level

It is best to start reducing noise level from scratch, that is from flooring. Forbo Flooring offers lots of flooring solutions which lower noise level both in single room and in the entire building. In our projects we combine flooring of different colors and textures. Thereby, they do not only perform acoustic functions but they also make a given interior more attractive – adds the architect from The Design Group studio.


Best Acoustic Flooring Solutions To The Office By Forbo Flooring:

- carpet tiles

The most often selected flooring materials to office premises such as corridors, open space or conference halls are carpet tiles. They provide comfort, “softness” underfoot and the highest acoustic properties. While choosing carpet tiles, it is worth analyzing their usable parameters: impact sound insulation level and sound absorption rate.1 Carpet tiles should not have the sound absorption rate lower than 0.1 if they are to perform their role in the office properly.


Akustyka, Podłogi, Wykładziny

Forbo Tessera carpet tiles; design: The Design Group Studio

- Flotex flocked flooring

The flooring producers compete against each other in offering different patterns, formats and colors. Forbo, as the only producer on the market, offers Flotex flocked flooring of very high fiber density. They provide sound absorption (class A) and impact sound reduction (>20dB). Such high rates allow to mute both single room and the entire building.


Akustyka, Podłogi, Wykładziny

Forbo Flotex flooring; OLX head office


A functional and elegant flooring solution to the office is LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile). This particular flooring type is characterized by strong durability and high resistance to intense motion. In comparison to wood, these tiles do not require any maintenance. Importantly, they are quiet while walking as they significantly reduce the sound of steps heard by people who are in the same room.


Akustyka, Podłogi, Wykładziny

Forbo Allura panels; design: The Design Group

Akustyka, Podłogi, Wykładziny

Forbo Allura panels; design: The Design Group


Forbo Flooring specializes in acoustic products. The company has been delivering ready and best in their class and use acoustic solutions for 40 years. See more: www.forbo-flooring.pl.


Acoustic insulation is insulation of sounds coming from other rooms or from the outside. The source of noise occurs on one side of the compartment whereas the recipient is on the other side. Sound absorption is a process of absorbing sound wave energy by physical bodies and other materials of office equipment such as flooring. The source of sound and its recipient occur in one room.


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