Unique Interior Design At Wrocław MGallery

The Polish market is incredibly attractive to international investors. Demand for hotel services still increases, especially in larger cities. Despite a leading position of Warsaw in this field, this isn’t the only city with developing hotel infrastructure.

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Contractor's Obligations

Smoothness is an extremely important matter in the interior design business. Any new office investment is a financial challenge which frequently rests with the contractor. What factors should be taken into consideration while choosing our partner, then?

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Open Space Can Be Cozy Too

Tétris carried out a general overhaul of Allianz office; 14 000 sq. m were redeveloped within 14 months. At present, open space that stimulates cooperation between employees constitutes 80% of total space occupied by Allianz.

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Samsung: Two-Zone Office

A new office of Samsung has recently been launched at the Dutch Schiphol Airport. This is currently the most popular head office of the company in the world.

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