How To Restore Attractiveness To Office Space? A Few Words on Revitalization

Call Center, Orange, Kasprzaka Street in Warsaw - interior after revitalization
How to restore attractiveness to office space and maintain low costs? This issue can be examined on the example of a concrete building. Let’s analyze the revitalization of Orange.

Visual Change of Office Space

Revitalization of buildings is often related with high costs, especially in the case of investments from the so called "premium" segment. What can be done to make investment profitable without bearing high costs? One of the frequently used solutions is refurbishment of interiors and repair of installation. The example of such revitalization is a call center of Orange situated at Kasprzaka Street in Warsaw. The owner of this recently renovated office building has made a decision about improving technical parameters and "lifting" the office space. The works were performed on 6000 sq. m and lasted one year. The company responsible for construction and finishing of new areas was Tétris. The thorough renovation of interiors was completed in accordance with the schedule at midyear of 2017. Another stage will consist in adding a branding to this new space. A complex renovation of the elevation is also projected.

The building situated at Kasprzaka Street is a head office of the call center by Orange and thus its renovation was related to performance of flexible open space. The work mode and needs of tenants have changed over the past years and therefore the working space has to change too in order to guarantee the comfort of using. The revitalization of the office was related to refurbishment of space which consisted in repainting the walls, new floorings, or installation of glazed partition walls. What is more, the staircases were renovated too.

Social space plays an incredibly important role in modern office buildings. In the case of Orange, the renovation has caused increase in the number of such premises. Importantly, kitchens and bathrooms were adjusted to the disabled. This revitalization was also related to performance of new conference halls. Even in the case of renovation of such a large space as the call center of Orange, the role of details cannot be omitted. Thereby, stony counters and door fittings were replaced.

Apart from the visual aspect and users’ comfort, it is also very important to provide safety. Orange has invested in a new access control system at the entrance to the building. This investment meets the current regulations in the area of safety and employees’ protection.


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