Open Space Can Be Cozy Too

Allianz: Warsaw Head Office Renovated By Tétris In accordance With The Project By Quada Studio
Tétris carried out a general overhaul of Allianz office; 14 000 sq. m were redeveloped within 14 months. At present, open space that stimulates cooperation between employees constitutes 80% of total space occupied by Allianz.

The head office of Allianz is located in Topaz at Rodziny Hiszpańskich Street in Warsaw, where the company occupies 14 000 sq. m of space. Its head office was redeveloped by Tétris in accordance with the project by Quadra Studio. The interior design perfectly tones in with the solid. What’s more, the new layout of rooms caused that lights radiate outside the building, brightening the patio and the opposite walls. Rays of lights are a leitmotif of the office and the interior geometry is based on them. The renovated space constitutes the example of a friendly open space, the design of which was carried out in all details.

Renovation: Building That Is Open For Business

The scope of works covered seven floors (each of them has ca. 1800 sq. m) as well as 14 elevator halls and reception. The scale of changes was really substantial as the employees from another location moved to Topaz after the renovation. We needed to extend the usable space by 40% – says Mariusz Podbielski, Central Administration Manager, Allianz.

However, the greatest challenge wasn’t only the extension of the office space. We also had to face with a very difficult logistic task, that is conducting the renovation works in a building that is open for business. The team of Allianz consists of over 1000 people who go to work every day. We had to coordinate all works in order to locate the employees in such a way to make the removal from floor to floor easier  – says Krzysztof Marszałek, Senior Project Manager, who is responsible for the office performance on behalf of Tétris. The works were planned very carefully so that the team would avoid delays. Sometimes they lasted 18 hours. Therefore, the rearrangement was carried out on a building that was open for business and some works (for instance, demolishment), were conducted at weekends or at nights. The renovation was completed in almost 14 months. Five engineers of Tétris were responsible for interior design and they coordinated all works of the team, which sometimes consisted of 120 people.

Friendly Open Space

The main goal of Allianz was to create a new modern interior that stimulates cooperation between employees. After the redevelopment, open space constitutes 80% of total space occupied by the team. It also consists of conference halls and several kitchens. Larger kitchens can hold even 20 people. The idea of open space originated from the need for changing organizational culture as well as trends, which are implemented in the offices of Allianz all over the world – explains Mariusz Podbielski, Allianz.


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