The biggest vantage points in the world

Canton Tower, Copyright sanfamedia
Emporis website put together a comparison of the biggest vantage points in the world. See, from where the most spectacular views spread out.

„At the Top” – that is the name of the vantage point, located in the biggest building in the world. But Burj Khalifa, the skyscraper as tall as 828 metres, is only on the third place of the comparison, made by the international real estate data website, The point from which Dubai can be viewed, is located on 452 metres.

The first place on the list is taken by Canton Tower, located in Guangzhou, China. It is 618 metres tall and people can enjoy the view from the height of 488 metres.

We can go similarly high when in Shanghai World Financial Center, boasting of 492 metres, with the vantage point on 472 metres. However, the tower will soon go down in the ranking, as Shanghai Tower, the new leader, will be finished. It will offer a spectacular vantage point located on the height of 557 metres.

For the brave there is also a ride for 450 metres, from which you can enjoy the view of Tokyo from above. 634 metres tall Tokyo Sky Tree is on the fourth place in the ranking. It is said, that you can even see Earth’s curvature from there.

The ranking looks as following:
1. Canton Tower, Guangzhou, China
2. Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai, China
3. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
4. Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo, Japan
5. CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
6. KK100, Shenzhen, China
7. Guangzhou International Finance Center, Guangzhou, China
8. Willis Tower, Chicago, USA
9. Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan
10. International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong, China

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