Browar Lubicz more and more beautiful

Visualisation of renovated Goetz Palace
Balmoral Properties reaches halfway point of the works in the first part of Browar Lubicz investment in Kraków.

Citizens of Kraków are watching with interest the works taking place on Lubicz street. There, a renovation and extension of historic “Browar Lubicz” is in progress. The place will change into housing, office and service complex.

History of the place reaches back to 1840, when production of beer started. The brewery was working until 2001. It was becoming more and more ruined when Balmoral Properties company took an interest in it and decided to give the place new glamour.

The investment is divided into two parts. The first anticipates construction of two housing buildings, which will offer 137 newly made apartments. The investor additionally plans to realise 4,600 m2 of commercial space and 1,900 m2 of office space. In prospect, in the complex there will be over 300 apartments, over 7,000 m2 of office space and about 6,300 m2 of commercial and service space. For the users there will be 360 underground parking spaces prepared. The first part of the investment will cost about 100 million zł, the second – 200 million zł.

The complex will have a characteristic facade, referring to industrial buildings from the XIXth century. The investment’s design says that newly constructed buildings will not be higher than five-storey. Commercial spaces will be located in former Engine Room and Boiler Room, and Malt House will change into gastronomic centre. Malt House will have the facade renovated, and the other buildings will have glass facades. Service space will be located in Beer Decanting Building, and Porter’s Lodge will change into transformer station.

The most recognisable building of the complex is Goetz Palace, which will change into a modern office building. MOFO Architekci studio is responsible for the architectonic design of the complex. Their aim was to combine renovated XIXth century industrial buildings with the new ones.

The investor informs that the most difficult underground works have already been finished and now the construction of ground storeys is in progress. In summer Balmoral Properties is to finalise the works on the raw closed stage. The most advanced stage of renovation is visible in the Building A, located on the side of Lubicz street. Currently partition walls are being put up and the electricity is supplied. Citizens can also notice the works in the building B, located on the side of Strzelecka street. Additionally, renovation of other Browar places, for example Goetz Palace, is taking place. The first part of the investment is to be finished in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Everything is going on according to the plan – assures Paweł Wassilew, Head of Sales and Marketing in Balmoral Properties.

Stability of the investment is assured by, among others, signing a credit contract between Balmoral Properties and BRE Bank Hipoteczny, amounting to 70 million zł. Balmoral Properties will use this money to finish the first part of the construction.

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