New, amazing Google place in Dublin

Front desk in Google Docks office building, fot. P. Wurmli
Google Ireland opens its new, four-building campus, in which departments of sales, marketing, finance and engineering will be located.

New Google campus in Dublin offers over 47,000 m2 of unique office space in four buildings, which will now become Europe headquarters of the company and its finance and sales centre for EMEA region. In the object people from 65 countries, speaking 45 languages will be working. Swiss Camenzing Evolution and Irish J. Lyons Architects studios were responsible for the architectonic design.

The biggest of the buildings is new, 14-storeys Google Docks, which is now the biggest commercial building in Dublin. Two other objects – Gasworks House and Gordon House – have been a seat for Google for some time. They have been renovated. In the fourth building, One Grand Canal, also called the 1GC, finishing works were closed recently.

The campus has not only innovative office spaces, but also 5 restaurants, 42 micro kitchens, meeting places, game rooms, fitness centre, wellness space, conference rooms, over 400 rooms for formal and informal meetings, telephone boxes and many more. The project was designed that way to have the atmosphere of interaction and cooperation for Google employees, who will, thanks to that, become more creative and innovative. An overhead passage between Google Docks, Gaswork House and Gordon House buildings is planned. It will allow for the free flow of the employees.

Google Docks is the main building of the campus and all of its 14 storeys have their own „personalities”. Motifs for some of them are, for example, Search (connected to the search for new information), Appiness (dedicated to Google applications), Be Green (connected to ecology), @Home (connected to company’s ambitions to make the place feel like home), Create (presenting open, unlimited potential and creativity), Organize (dedicated to Google mission of organising information) and Innovate (presenting the dynamic character of the company). The main space for each storey is dedicated to meetings and communicating with individual departments.

The inspiration for Gasworks House interior design were natural and man-made landscapes, characteristic for EMEA region. There are spaces dedicated to the sky, mountains, cities and villages, forests and sands.

1GC building is dedicated to Irish culture, its myths, legends, literature and tradition. There is a replica of traditional Irish pub and a library inspired by the one in Trinity College.

The interior of the Gordon House is inspired by multiculturalism, characteristic for the company. During arranging many different colours were used, based on the colours of flags of different countries.

The campus was subjected to LEED certification and is waiting to receive Gold and Platinum levels.

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darek :
Ciekawe czy tam się pracuje? bo nie wygląda, no chyba, że to takie mózgi, że płacą im za odpoczynek i pomysły. No ale działy, które są wymienione w tekście wymagają dużo pracy jeszcze w przypadku takiego kolosa jak google. Fajny byłby jakiś komentarz z firmy jak wygląda ich zwykły dzień pracy... może przełożymy na nasz w firmach :)
June 12, 2013 at 5:15 PM
Wojtek :
Jednym słowem WOW ! Biuro marzeń jak mnie!
June 12, 2013 at 4:00 PM