Effective offices in Poland - still a novelty or already a standard?


Office space arrangement, photo: Mikomax Smart Office
Standard of the office buildings emerging in Poland is constantly rising. Modern buildings offer interior tailored to the needs of specific tenants. Do the contemporary offices favor effective work?

The design and organization are important for 59% of people aged 26-35 and for 67% of people aged 36-45 according to a research conducted by Mikomax Smart Office among the workers of the sector of services for business in Poland. However, the offices in which they currently work don’t meet their expectations – only one in five respondents said that their office favors effective work and a much as 85% claims that they could be better suited to their professional needs. Only 15-16% of employees surveyed by Mikomax Smart Office indicates that their office is conducive to efficiency. Only one in three admits that it creates a pleasant working environment - confirms Susan Mikolajczyk, Director of Brand Mikomax Smart Office.

Needs of the office workers


Modern office buildings amaze with the solutions used, energy efficiency and architecture. More and more often investors decide to modernize older objects, which fall behind the new projects. There constantly emerge new trends in designing office interior but the demand for the space better tailored to the users’ needs is still visible, responding to the challenges of technology and business, as well as allowing for maximizing efficiency. It is well shown by BPO/SSC which becomes, in terms of percentage, a considerable group of office tenants in Poland

Companies from the business services sector are focused on continuous improvement of the efficiency of their operations. Research done by Mikomax Smart Office shows, that the field which can be a source of benefits for service centers is investing in high-quality work environment. The sector can become an innovator and promoter of positive change for the whole Polish office market - notes Paul Panczyj, Managing Director of ABSL.

Effective office


So how to respond to the contemporary challenges of arranging office space? In the modern companies, although most tasks we do on our own, cooperation plays a big part. Team conceptual work is thought as important by 58% younger respondents and 76% of the older. An opportunity to learn from others is a value for about 70% of the respondents. Therefore a suitable space for informal and task meetings, focused work or teleconferences becomes significant – says Zuzanna Mikołajczyk.

Service centers present in Poland usually have with a better space layout than the offices occupied by companies from different sectors. They include rooms for teamwork and space for unconstrained contact with the workers from different departments. However, an appropriate furniture is a problem - unergonomic chairs and mismatched desks. There is often a problem with inadequate access to daylight. Another significant issue is the organization of open space, very popular in the service centers, which, if poorly arranged, leads to work difficulties related to, inter alia, noise.

Nowadays, many companies, especially in the sector of modern services for business, requires a flexible office space, which allows easy adaptation of an office to the needs of an expanding company – says Jakub Zagórski, Skanska Property Poland, adding that it is crucial to have a possibility of quick reorganization of space while maintaining a comfort, safety and cost-effectiveness.  

A good office is determined by how effectively we can work in it. I hope that companies in Poland soon will understand that and will make up the current backlog - sums up Zuzanna Mikołajczyk.


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