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Packman system, Mikomax Smart Office
Packman series consists of armchairs and sofa with high walls
Orgatec trade fair devoted to office space took place in Kolonia on 21-25th October. Premiere solutions representing trends which form modern workplaces were presented by i.a. Mikomax Smart Office company.

Trade fair organized in Kolonia is one of the most important events in Europe devoted to solutions for modern workplaces which also focuses on trends responsible for arrangement of present offices. Mikomax Smart Office designers tackled a problem of area’s optimization and considered influence of open space on workers’ productivity. Among novelties i.a. two employee furniture systems were presented: Futuro, Stand Up, Packman and Chillout series which may find a use for common zones, receptions and public space.


We assume that office solutions should first and foremost support users in an effective performance of their tasks. We followed this rule while designing premiere products. We wanted them to be flexible enough to support various styles and forms of work and at the same time keep ergonomics and functionality – says Zuzanna Mikołajczyk, director of the brand and member of the board in Mikomax Smart Office.


Desks which you definitely do not know


Stand Up is a desk which enables quick and easy regulation of a desktop as well as smooth change from sedentary to standing work. The desk, in opposition to electric regulations available on the market – pneumatic or those with a crank, uses patented by Mikomax Smart Office system of manual regulation. Therefore, Polish producers of furniture correspond to health ailments typical for people who lead a sedentary life. According to researches, over 70 per cent employees complain about their physical discomfort. Many hours’ sitting not only has an impact on a worker’s health in a longer perspective, but also decreases his productivity by generating costs borne by entrepreneurs. Stand Up system helps to introduce activity in a way of work and it prevents from ailments caused by long-lasting sitting.


Futuro (design: Przemysław “MAC” Stopa) enables an effective usage of office space at keeping ergonomics and maximal comfort of a user. It became possible thanks to design of a place for storing (cupboard or cabinet) over a desk. This solution allows to reduce space occupied by one workplace by 2 sq. m. Moreover, such functional elements as: sidewall isolating from circulation area, additional LED lamp, or handle for central unit of a computer provide high comfort of work.


A seamless technology is being used in production of both Stand Up and Futuro. It translates itself into performance quality and stability of furniture.


Change in thinking about office space


Packman (design: Tomasz Augustyniak) and Chillout (design: Beza Projekt) are systems of furniture with a wide range of application in public space, reception zone and open space. Projects use original forms, warm colors and wood – material which is not so popular considering office furniture. Such produced elements of equipment warm up the image and break the official character of office space.


Packman series is composed of armchairs and sofa with high walls. Chillout, in turn, is a system of seats, completed by additional closing wall, tables and accessories. Both systems may constitute a well complement of open space, enabling to separate the place for individual work in deep concentration, relax and telephone calls in common space. It is worth mentioning that series, thanks to usage of high walls, also offers acoustic isolation. Moreover, additional closing wall in Chillout system enables ergonomics work whereas functionality of the solution is increased by handles for a board and monitor as well as easy access to the source of electricity.


Office 2015


This year’s edition of Orgatec trade fair lets us to believe that the following months will be devoted to meeting users’ expectations. Ergonomics and flexibility of a workplace, in turn, will be the fundamental requirement which should be satisfied by modern offices.


Another important tendency is increasing mobility of employees and solutions aimed at them which enable effective reorganization of a workplace and guarantee easy access to sources of electricity. Trends which in our opinion will have the greatest importance in the following months have one thing in common – they concentrate on the best adjusting of office to needs of people who work in it. It is happening on many levels, starting with taking care of a work’s ergonomics (thanks to application of, for instance, solutions of sit and stand type), through creating favorable conditions to work in deep concentration, and ending with warming up the office image by application of natural material in designs – sums up Zuzanna Mikołajczyk.


Mikomax Smart Office is a Polish company with over 22-year experience in the area of office space arrangements. It owns 16 showrooms in Poland and 15 foreign partners. The company hires ca. 250 cooperators in head office and showrooms. Mikomax Smart Office combines expertise about furniture’s production with author conception of its application in modern workplace. The enterprise’s offer is aimed at big and small companies from such sectors as: services for business, telecommunication, consulting or transport. Moreover, the company suggests services which support the project, beginning with the process of starting cooperation and ending with realization of solutions, for instance, design of work areas, transport, installation and trainings concerning ergonomics. The partnership received many professional and business awards, i.a. it became Business Gazelle three times, it received the Furniture Making Diamond and Good Company; it is the Strategic Partner of business organizations like The Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland (ABSL), New Ways of Working (NewWOW) and International Facility Management Association (IFMA).

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