Marine inspirations in Magdeburg building


Yacht-building in Magdeburg, pic by Schüco
Glass on the ground floor, pic by Schüco
A habitable and clerical structure, which reminds a luxurious yacht, was built by Elba river in Magdeburg.

The most innovative in respect of design and technology yachts (like “Venus” designed at the request of Steve Jobs) were inspiration for an architect Andreas Weinert, whose design was made in Magdeburg. In order to make a reference to the shipbuilding industry, in the building were used aluminum, glass and modern construction technologies. Moreover, the importance was attached to the clarity of design. The reference to a yacht is also visible in the division of useable zones.

The idea for a shape of the building originated on the base of marine interests of the investor, together with location of the structure – by the river. Open south side of the building brings to mind a prow. Numerous terraces, in turn, remind decks surrounded by bulwarks. However, the appearance is not everything – the investor demanded that in the building two functions, that is office and habitable, should be combined harmoniously. Moreover, the structure had to obtain a low-energy standard, in spite of many glass.

In order to meet the demands, the architect placed an office zone on the ground floor. He also used a construction in which loads were located on the outside walls and three massive columns from the garden. These two solutions allowed to use maximal glass. In the project, solutions suggested by Schüco company were applied. The reference to shipbuilding was also made on the level of a cellar and garage by mounting bulkhead doors used in submarines.

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