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An important trend in the arrangement of offices is the flexibility and mobility. Strong, energetic colors, for example. Yellow and orange, used in moderation to stimulate job.

Balma Green is the color that evokes associations with nature, so soothing and does not get tired. Office space is becoming more friendly and "home" in nature. A well-designed, friendly man space is the same tool as the computer work - stress experts from Furniture Factory BALMA SA.

What are the latest trends in interior office space in 2014.?

Office space is becoming more friendly and "home" in nature. Architects and designers use the knowledge in the field of neuropsychology to create a place where we feel good both physically and mentally. In addition to ergonomics and functionality, they also take into account human emotions. Expressive, energetic colors and surprising elements such as tree trunks, slides, subtitles and large format prints on the walls, they have us entertain, inspire and stimulate.

Each of us is different and has a unique way of working, because office space is diverse. It includes space to work individually, in groups, zones of rest and concentration, as well as the meeting place for the whole team. Diversity can be seen in the merger of office furniture with soft furniture: sofas, armchairs, poufs. Designed office creates an opportunity to meet and exchange information, giving employees the opportunity to choose how and jobs.

An important trend is the flexibility and mobility. Open space is still the dominant solution, but the designers thought that the space could be varied as desired. Serve furniture on wheels, modular furniture, mobile walls, screens or desk height adjustable tabletop, giving the opportunity to work for example. Standing. In the mobile office worker does not have to be tied to one place, but with access to the network or job opportunities in the cloud is able to work anywhere. On the other hand, studies show that, in spite of the technological revolution, we cannot give up direct contacts, as it is they greatly accelerate the exchange of information, supporting collaboration and enhance innovation team.

More and more pronounced trend in interior design office is to care for the health of employees. Designers see a man in a holistic way - important are his physical and mental needs. Today we know more about the work of the human brain, because otherwise we think about the rest, or even nap at work. Intensively working brain needs exercise and time of inactivity. Therefore, in many offices there are places inside or outside where you can enjoy a game of ping - pong, climb the wall, work out in the gym, or relax in a quiet room and focus before an important meeting.

Noise is one of the factors, which decentralize employees, and increase include risk of heart attack, so it is important to have good acoustics. Soft furniture screens and panels, textile, as well as telephone booths enhance comfort in open space. This is particularly important for introverts, who, as research shows, have serious problems with concentration in an open space full of people and stimuli.

In addition, green office is a trend that is growing in popularity. Work takes us almost all day; spend usually in enclosed spaces, so it is important and therapeutic contact with nature. Natural outgrowth may be internal gardens, green walls, or even flowerbeds often combined with furniture, which returned to office interiors. Plants affect air quality, delight the eye and allow to rest. It is symptomatic that the space agency is inspired many landscapes, which are a sign of organic lines, seat-like stones or trees.

In the last few months there any innovative solutions / products that should be used for office space?

An interesting and still new to many sensory phenomenon is the design that appeals to all the senses. Some companies use as a stimulating scent to work. Energizing scents are dispersed in a time when, according to experts biorhythm most decreases the level of concentration of employees. Sometimes companies even have scents designed specifically for specific locations. In Poland, few companies make use of such solutions, but the trend shows how to think holistically about the design now.

The most important change is in our opinion a change of mentality and work culture. It requires some courage and conscious leaders who are not afraid of losing control over employees, but giving them a choice and a greater impact on a business, stimulate them to greater commitment and creative action.

What color do designers of office space now most often use?

When choosing interior color is important to know about the psychological impact of color. Some of them are soothing and neutral, others stimulate, but in excess can torment and act negatively. Another aspect is the cultural significance of colors. Although one of the most popular in the interior in 2014, is a pale pink color, it is not suitable example. The law firm, because color trends should be treated as an inspiration and thoughtfully to use them. Choosing colors in office space you need to fit the nature of work and corporate identity.

Color trends today are very diverse. On the one hand, it is a color palette of nature: shades of green, stubbed browns, grays, whites are broken, but we also have a strong, energetic colors which, when used in moderation stimulate to work, ie. yellow, orange. You can see that the designers eager to use green, often combining several of its shades. Green is the color that evokes associations with nature, so soothing and does not get tired, so is ideally suited to work.

What materials dominate the surfaces of office? Is in this sphere there any news?

One of the dominant trends in the design of office furniture is minimalist. Designers create simple, linear blocks, but also introduce interesting and stimulating touch materials. Mix them and compile a contrast - smooth and shiny next to dull and rough. Invoices stimulate the sense of touch that, in accordance with the idea of ​​designing multisensory is as important as the other senses.

In the world of technology, we yearn for natural materials, because inside there is now so much wood and its imitations. Dominates walnut and oak. Are exhibited clear jars. Tired of mass-production perfection miss imperfection, because wood is often clear knots, tool marks and damage, and diverse texture 3d. Strong invoice will also appear in furniture upholstery materials and wall claddings. Architects like the raw, industrial concrete, which may occur for example. Reception area on the counter or wall. Still used by designer’s glass and corian, among metals - copper and brass.

A novelty for example. Ecologically safe materials using biological processes of growth, but they are still in the experimental phase. Innovative materials future office will be presented at the upcoming fair Orgatec 2014 in the exhibition "Smart Office Materials".

What kind of ergonomic principles to remember when designing office space?

Designing office space, we must remember to design the right size and height of the room. It is not only the functional use of space, but to provide an adequate number of artificial and natural light, and air quality. Good ventilation and acoustics is the basis of our brain uses a healthy breath and dissipates noise. Workplace must adjust to the employee - its dimensions, operation and needs. Here, check out desk with adjustable height and swivel chairs with armrests. A great invention is a chair that "cooperate" with the body and force us to adopt a healthy sitting position for the spine. Setting the monitor and keyboard at a suitable distance relieves the hands and eyes.

The amount of space for storage of documents we need to adapt to individual needs. Some workers simply drawer under the counter, another container or a system of easily accessible cabinets. You have to stick to the principle that everything was at hand, but it is worth also have what up. Many companies are now using the principle of encouraging employees to leave the workplace for a while, or walk around the company. Changes in body position, eg. Working at the computer standing up, or break in the action are necessary because our bodies are not machines. Do not forget about emotional needs. Picture people we love, or holiday postcard pinned example. On the wall separating the desks, run positive emotions needed to operate the same way as light and oxygen.

What solutions would you suggest a company where there is a creative, creative atmosphere, and the company, which focuses more on individual work, study?

There is no good solution for everyone, which is why one of the most important things before designing the office is the explicit recognition of the way the company's work and the needs of its employees. It is the task of the designer, but he also must have support from the company, or, as happens in the case of Balmy, a team of specialists who share not only knowledge about products, but also about trends in design and ergonomics. It is important to exchange information, talk with staff, and observation of the way you work. When we know more, we offer solutions.

In the case of companies, working in creative teams is important stimulating space conducive to cooperation. It will check the open space, the walls on which you can write while brainstorming, walls and mobile furniture, sofas, poufs, bags sako. Perfectly furnished office is not conducive to creative work. When we look at companies such as Google, Yahoo Video, we see the interior full of color, freedom and humor, conducive to experimentation.

For analytical work is perfect while the space, which is more neutral and allows focusing on. Dominates muted and restrained colors (whites, grays, beiges, browns and greens extinguished) and isolated workplace. Comfortable desk and space for documents and books are of course standard. This does not mean that we should not introduce more freedom for example. Cafeteria, where the team can meet and relax. It may appear stronger color, graphics or mural on the wall, bolder in the form of furniture. Remember that you can be creative in every job, and our brain does not like to be bored.

Is suitable arrangement of the office space actually increases the efficiency of the employee? In what way?

The strength of each company, its foundation and showcase the people are. At the same time directing them and motivating the team is one of the toughest challenges for any leader, and salary costs are an important part of the company budget. Specialists around the world so puzzled over how to increase the efficiency.

Studies show that for most workers the space in which they work is important, and even they are guided by the appearance of the office when choosing a place of employment. This applies particularly to the younger generation.

It is not only an ergonomic chair, a comfortable desk, the beautiful colors around, but important is the atmosphere at work and relationships. Healthy physically and mentally employee does not benefit from an exemption, is less susceptible to burnout, more committed, is open to change and creative. Research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology confirm that the mental state and attitude to life are the most important factors affecting the health of each of us.

A well-designed, friendly man space is the same tool work like a computer. Office created with users in mind is also a signal that they are an important part of the company and it is worth investing in them.

Questions answered experts from Furniture Factory BALMA SA

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