Office for Generation Y


Office space arranged by Mikomax Smart Office
Office space arranged by Mikomax Smart Office
Informal meeting places, chill-out roomy, relaxation area ... or in offices arranged under the requirements of generation Millennials priority is still work?

Employers are gearing up to generation Y. It is six years, in 2020, its representatives will constitute 40 percent of age population. Labor standards expected by this generation are getting higher, in line with their needs and lifestyle. Firms to encourage yourself brightest, offer the opportunity to work in a home office system, also decide on flexible working hours and put on mobility. Generation Millennium also has a large influence on the latest trends in interior office space.

Evolution of offices

The presence of Generation Y in the labor market changing approach to the arrangement of office space. Research shows Intelligence Group in 2013 88 percent representatives of the generation Millenium prefer to work from the competition - emphasizes Zuzanna Mikolajczyk, Brand Director and Member of the Board Mikomax Smart Office. For this reason the employer, promoting cooperation between employees, offer so-called relaxation zones where possible are meetings and joint activities in smaller groups. These types of rooms are equipped with comfortable sofas and armchairs, which fosters a positive atmosphere - says Zuzanna Mikolajczyk.

How then should look modern office, to satisfy Generation Y? According to current trends, should be open spaces, promoting a common creative work. Are also necessary rooms for individual work and less formal meeting places. Significant is also the access to daylight and modern design.

Generation Millennium draws attention to something else: a healthy lifestyle. That is why appreciates opportunities such as fitness clubs in buildings, swimming pool, additional recreational facilities and other amenities. Y-Greek try to take care of your health and well-being and expect from their employers that they will support them in these efforts. Therefore, when choosing jobs pay attention to the social offer. Companies responding to these needs, are increasingly offering sports passes or health food restaurants - explains Edyta Janas, Regional Manager Randstad Professionals.

Employees appreciate the example chill-out roomy, featuring, among others, in gaming consoles, stools, sofas or football, where you can meet and integrate. In principle, these places should develop creativity and stimulate the formation of inspiring ideas. In Poland, this type of place you can meet mainly at the premises of large international companies.

Modern technologies and work in virtual space

Representatives of Generation Y do not usually have problems with the use of modern technology. Fascinated by the novelty and eager to try new IT solutions. More and more attention attach to the equipment offered by the employer, and if it does not meet their requirements - work on their own devices. Trend BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming increasingly popular as employees want to use personal equipment in the place of residence, employment, and on a business trip - explains Leszek Bareja, Product Manager at Xerox Poland. From Research Cisco 2013 carried out in several countries show that almost 50 percent employees in corporations prefer to work on your own mobile device than this shared them for remote use by the employer. What's more, employees want to use the office infrastructure using equipment they have at home. According to research Quocirca "The Mobile Print Enterprise. January 2012 ", 60 percent employees would like to have the ability to print from mobile devices. This type of trend can also be observed in Poland - he adds.

Another prominent trend in the modern system of work is the flexibility to perform tasks, which means that the employee may partly work in the office, and partly outside it. Employees appreciate such a solution, because they care about the integration of work and private life. In contrast effect to allow telecommuting are ... empty desks at work. In offices where employees have the opportunity to at least partially work from home, most often used at most 70 percent jobs. In the future, this number is likely to be even smaller, mainly due to the development of new forms of telework. Hence the concept of the so-called hot desks (with English hot desking). It means that employees do not have a permanent job, only coming to the office to book one of the free desktop. According to the study Oxygenz 27 percent of Generation Y representatives from different countries are willing to share their workplace, and 18 percent would consider such a possibility - says Zuzanna Mikolajczyk.

The importance of Generation Y in today's job market is growing. Among the representatives of this generation is a lot of talent, which can be very valuable to employers. To meet their expectations, companies are taking concrete actions aimed towards the modernization of both the work and the office. Not every entrepreneur has the ability to provide room to relax or table football, not everyone has wants to introduce such solutions. Clearly, however, is visible influence of large corporations such as Google and Allegro, which provide employees comfortable and unique solutions, so very much appreciated by the generation of the Millennium.


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