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Arranging the perfect offices is not easy and it can be to seek various ways
Modern offices are characterized by the most classic solids, elegant design and simplicity
Today one does not diminish the importance of proper arrangement of office space in the context of the efficiency of the employee. What should I consider when choosing the right office equipment?

Modern offices are characterized by the most classic solids, elegant design and simplicity. The nature of the interiors add interesting details underlined original design and colors. Designers combine white and shades of gray with vibrant colors that create less formal atmosphere. Are also important materials used in the interiors, for example, furniture panels combined with glass or lacobel. The wood laminates are often replaced monocoloristics, smoothing materials - adds Edward Balicki, CEO of Office Furniture Factory Massoni. This modernity in office spaces, however, must be reflected in ergonomics, as it is utility aspect of furniture and solutions used in the office translates directly into productivity of employees. Skillful combination of visually attractive design with a functional interior equipment allows you to create the perfect office.

Popular materials

The quality of office furniture largely depends on the material they are made of the main material used for the production of office furniture is a melamine plate. In terms of ergonomics are often used plates Office of the structure of the light diffusion. Customers are increasingly looking for well plates were glued laminate HPL (high-pressure laminates - high-pressure laminate). They are characterized by, among others, high resistance to temperature and mechanical stress, and chemical resistance and durability of color.

The choice of materials for the production of office furniture is also dictated by aesthetic qualities. For this reason, they are often used gloss additives, such as acrylates, various kinds of glass and aluminum components. Nowadays easily observable trend is also inspired by nature, by what popular products are made ​​of natural materials.

In the case of chairs great interest in high-quality cut foam, upholstered with materials of the highest wear resistance, which is used when the seats. If the backrest is dominated by fabric mesh or plastic (plastic). Basics seats are manufactured mostly from strength and stability of steel, metal and aluminum, powder coated or chromed. In the version of the economic base are made of black polyamide material, which are also much lighter - explains Edward Balicki. In the sphere of finishing the current trends is natural leather and various types of fabric available in many colors.

The optimal working position

Each workstation to serve the effectiveness and efficiency of the worker should be individually tailored to the needs of the user. There are a few aspects that are universal and to think about the fitting of office space.

An important element is the different kinds of drawers under the desk and containers, thanks to which the employee is always the most important thing at hand - emphasizes the CEO Office Furniture Factory Massoni. Not without significance is the dimensions of the desk. The standard desks have a height of 750 mm and are equipped with feet allowing for adjustment. Recommended desk depth should be at least 800 mm, and the width, depending on the needs, it is 1400 to 2000 mm. Ergonomic desk height is 720-760 mm, while the optimal depth is dependent on the destination of the job, and the standard is 700-800 mm. Finally, the appropriate ergonomics workplace characteristics affect both the desk and swivel chair - he adds.

How are the experts, the design of the desk should provide the ability to conveniently set of elements workplace equipment, i.e. Height of the monitor or keyboard. The overarching objective is to prevent the adoption of forced position by an employee, which can lead to discomfort and even health problems. It is worth remembering that the height of the table and the chair seat provide natural position of the upper limbs when operating the keyboard, and a minimum angle between the arm and forearm.

Comfort in reception zone

An important part of office decor is a reception area. Here comes the first customer contact with the company, which is very important to ensure high quality of the space. Reception desk should also ensure employee comfort and allow good contact with the customer. Therefore, lad systems consist of modules that meet specific functions. Modules are low, which does not create unnecessary barriers between the interlocutors, as well as high modules that allow you to create the habitable zone of concentration worker - explains Edward Balicki.

Reception desk should also ensure a place on the current company and provide adequate working space and additional elements such as undercounter pedestals, cabinets ending string worktops and space for file folders with documents.

When selecting the proper desk should be borne in mind that it is a piece of furniture that needs to ensure comfort while an operator and the customer. Therefore, the height of the employee to be equal to the standard desks - approx. of 750 mm. In the case of desk on the client side, it should be capable of such. Freedom to fill out a form in a standing position. It is assumed that the height is expected to be approx. 1120-1150 mm. The depth of the upper countertop should be within 30 cm - A4 paper format. Moreover, the lower work surface should be slightly shallower than typical desks to employee service in the standing position as comfortably as he could reach the upper top, no less, deep enough to guarantee enough space to work at the computer and documents. It should also be noted that the total height allowed visual contact desk sitting service employee and customer standing - notes Edward Balicki.

Arranging the perfect offices is not easy and it can be to seek various ways. However, if our primary goal is to provide maximum comfort to employees, keep in mind the basic parameters and requirements which must be fulfilled chosen by us furniture.

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