Office and apartment - differences in eyes intermediary

Verso Team Real Estate, a company that through a real estate agent
Verso Team Real Estate, a company that through a real estate agent
Do you work real estate agent office in a significant way different from the job broker offering apartments? Apparently not ...

In each of the cases, the subject of the work we must do the intermediary remains the same - to find the owner or tenant for the vacant space, which offers a developer. However, when we look more closely at different aspects of work brokers - those offering housing and those who specialize in commercial areas, especially office work, there is small, but still significant differences that affect the more complicated process of dividing the search for tenants and signing the lease.

The rotation of tenants

Commercial real estate is much more difficult to sell than rent. Offices (though also the service, storage and groundwater) is on the market much less than houses and apartments, and less likely to be released on the market. Less is also a sales transaction rather than the more common lease transactions, on the other hand, commercial real estate for lease are goods that rotate much more. Often contracts have signed for periods of 3.5-7 years, which easily shows us what term the property will again be for sale - explains Krzysztof Strembicki, Specialist Verso Commercial Real Estate Office Real Estate. For real estate, this fact is irrelevant, because it often happens that a happy entrepreneur who decides to change his place of business, going back to the same intermediary, which rarely happens in the case of individuals, interested in buying an apartment.

Gaining in importance as a form of advertising - admits Krzysztof Strembicki, the success of a real estate agency specializing in office spaces affects its rich offer visible on many real estate portals. A customer, who is looking for office and goes to the next in succession offer the same agent, becomes convinced that it was from this company finds the right place.


Job broker commercial real estate, especially in large transactions, often requires teamwork than in the case of residential houses. Experts working in the office real estate tend to specialize in some inside knowledge of the commercial real estate market, and only the resulting complex being answer allows customers both demand and supply, which is particularly important in the case of commercialization office. Two agents support most of the transactions carried out by Verso. In this way, there is no fear that the client will be neglect, for example. While on leave agent or his absence. Often manage to find two parties to the transaction - thanks to a good flow of information among our staff - says Krzysztof Strembicki.

Home staging in the office

Popular in recent years, home staging technique, which consists of more attractive housing by preparing it for sale or hire in such a way as to attract the widest possible audience, also applies to offices, although in this case is slightly different. The apartment can be prepared for sale by cleaning up, removing faults or repaint the walls. Office premises, like housing, it does not hurt to clean, and its advantages can always sharpen properly photograph taken. In the case of office space is not practiced refresh - painting the walls and replacing carpet after the previous tenant, until he finds a new, who overwhelmingly want to have an impact on the appearance of the office - choose the type and color of the floor, as well as the color of the walls, sometimes determined by visual identification system. Home staging for offices may, however take other forms, for example. Assistance to tenants by the architect in arranging the surface, or creating a visualization showing how office space can look after adaptation. By these measures we facilitate tenant decision - explains Krzysztof Strembicki.

What expects the client?

Differences in operating real estate agent office and intended to live can be seen in looking at the two transactions from the point of view of the customer, for which there are other important characteristics and slightly different services expected from a broker. The housing market intermediary must be a psychologist, dealer and a member of the family in one, because more often than in the case of commercial real estate emotions come into play. On the commercial market, in turn, need to be a negotiator, marketer and engineer. Here important is cold calculation - Verso specialist explains. Customers interested in renting offices often do not have sufficient knowledge of the local real estate market. Therefore, count on a good knowledge of rents offered at each specified location, expect a very accurate technical information about each of the objects present similarities and differences between the selected categories, as well as tangible arguments for the relevance of your choice - there is no room for emotions or sentiments.

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Jola :
Również mam pozytywne doświadczenia z biurem nieruchomości Verso. Polecam Aleksandrę Pelczar i serdecznie pozdrawiam. Dziękuję za pomoc, nieocenioną życzliwość i wsparcie na każdym etapie sprzedaży mieszkania.
July 31, 2019 at 9:52 AM
Jacek :
Verso Nieruchomości to konkretny partner. Współpraca przebiegała bardzo dobrze, jak najbardziej można polecić to biuro.
January 7, 2015 at 9:12 AM
Wiola :
Świetna ekipa. Dobrze mi się współpracowało z tym biurem nieruchomości
January 7, 2015 at 9:07 AM