Compensation for a delayed train


From 3th December, the new regulations concerning the Polish railway will come into force. Under pertinent provisions, the passengers of delayed trains are entitled to financial compensation, meals and even accommodation in a hotel.

The introduced regulations in Poland have been expected for a very long time. So far, only those people who benefited from international trains (running abroad to the UE countries) and expresses running on the most important routes in Poland have had the right to apply for return of the part of the costs for tickets. From 3th December – together with the introduction of the EU regulations – PKP Intercity (TLK and international trains as well as EIC expresses) and Przewozy Regionalne (Regioekspres and Interregio) passengers also have this privilege – ensures Beata Czemerajda, press secretary in PKP Intercity.


If a train has at least 60-minute delay, we may count on return in the amount of 25 per cent of the payment for the transport.  

If a delay is extended by 120 minutes or more, we have the right to receive a return in the amount of 50 per cent of the ticket’s price.

In case of a longer delay, the passengers are entitled to free meals and drinks.

If a train gets stuck on the tracks for the whole night, the travelers will be accommodated in a hotel on expenses of the rail.


Attention! The changes do not concern regional connections that is those in the area of the voivodeship!


In order to receive compensation, the complaint has to be made. Each case is examined individually. One should keep a ticket and send it (by e-mail or traditional post) with a proper writing to a carrier. The return will be paid within 30 days.

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