ECO How to limit the consumption of electricity?

In the following years, the prices of energy will increase in proportion to the demand. The prognoses induce to look for some savings which are sometimes for the asking.

The representatives in Elektromont partnership emphasize that prices of energy in Poland are the highest in the whole Europe and they will be still increasing – the prognoses of different companies and institutions envisage a few per cent increase annually. Therefore, the entrepreneurs look for some ways of saving. Fortunately, they are more and more aware in this area.


It is worth considering if the sources of light should be exchanged. In 3-year perspective, it is affordable to use the lighting with LED framings. Moreover, we should think about the installations controlling the lighting in order to adjust them to conditions outside – explains Jerzy Rymarowicz, vice-chairman of the board in Elektromont, a partnership providing services in the area of power systems.


The regulation of lighting, which takes into account changes of the daylight, may help to save over 30 per cent and the usage of motion sensors may allow to reduce the electricity consumption by 40 per cent. The application of those two devices will influence on the reduction of the electric power consumption even by 50 per cent. Additionally, if the entrepreneur combines the clock control, which is dependent on the daylight, with the functioning of blinds, heating, air-conditioning or ventilation, the savings will be even greater.


We have a lot of examples, for instance, from the German market where the investors want to divide the lighting into sections and make them dependent on the outside lighting. They want to control it from the outside, remotely, with the usage of a telephone – says Rymarowicz. – There are many possibilities of saving.


In a longer perspective, a good way for saving the energy is to exchange the equipment for the more effective one. For instance, the replacement of a fridge for employees with A++ energetic class model will allow to save 55 per cent of energy annually. Elektromont company enumerates also such solutions as application of night curtains enabling to save energy at night, modernization of drive systems or their exchange on engines with increased efficiency. In factory units, the saving on one device may reach 700 zlotys within a year. If we use more such devices, the company may save on this operation several dozen thousand zlotys.


The implementation of modern solutions involves certain costs, however, the savings relatively pay for themselves. According to analyses, which are conducted for our investors, if one applies LEED lighting, the period of return will last not more than three years – assuming that a workshop functions in a three-shift system, that is the lighting burns all the time. In case of compensation of the reactive power, it may pay for itself after three months – explains expert.


Therefore, one should start saving the energy with analysis of a currently applicable tariff at a deliverer, the services of whom he uses – it may turn out that there are more attractive offers available on the market. It is also important to determine needs and distribution of electricity consumption.

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