Office Buildings of 2010

Five office buildings were awarded "The Building of 2010". Vinci Office Centre won.

Polish Association of Building Materials Engineers and Technicians (PZIiTB) in cooperation with Ministry of Infrastructure and Architectural-Building Administration organized "The Building of 2010" competition, one of the most important review of the Polish building industry achievements. 49 projects submitted by investors, developers and local authorities took part in the 21st edition of the competition.

On June 30th, during annual gala, awards and honours were presented in seven categories: residential building, public buildings, industry and commerce buildings, engineering and sports buildings, projects assessed individually and revitalized, restored or upgraded historical buildings. Three-fold assessment criteria were concerned with design and functional solutions, economical aspects, quality, work conditions and sustainability. Rewarded projects combine the achievements of Polish technological thought and best architectural designs. They are distinguished by their high quality, functionality and application of innovative technological solutions – said Cezary Grabarczyk, Minister of Infrastructure, during the gala.

Vinci – the winning office building

Five office buildings were awarded in the category of public utility. However, only one of them  received first-degree award – it was Vinci, an office building located in Kraków at Opolska Street. The building is the first project of the investor – Dyskert Polska, operating on the market of security systems. It is not easy to enter a market, especially when it is so demanding and specific as the Kraków one. Still,  Dyskret Polska managed to find a good location and build an innovative office building. Soon the company gained recognition on the office market. Prestigious award "Building of 2010" confirms that unprecedented success. Contractors in a construction management system included: Remax Construct, ZIS Technika, CB Aluminium System, Elektromontaż nr 2. The whole project was carried out in 25 months.

Vinci Office Centre is a two-storey office building with a zone devoted to office services and associated services (catering, commerce etc.). The building distinguishes itself with intelligent systems hidden in the body of the building and providing the users of the building with safety.

Second-degree awards

Second-degree awards were presented to three office buildings. GTC is the investor of two of them. Building A belonging to University Business Park office buildings complex was recognized. The building is located at Wólczańska Street in Łódź. It has 7 storeys overground and an underground two-storey parking. Office rooms have suspended ceilings, tilt windows with external blinds, advances heating and ventilation systems. The project was invested by GTC COM3, executed by Strabag, and designed by NOW Biuro Architektoniczne. The construction works took 25 months.

Class A "Cyril" office buildings in Francuska Office Centre Francuska Street in Katowice also received second-grade award. The main investor is Cyril (GTC subsidiary), substitute investor - Gleeds Polska. Prime contractor - Hochtief Polska SA. APA Wojciechowski company was responsible for the project. FA and FB, the awarded buildings, are similar in terms off construction and functionality. They have seven storeys overground, support storey and two storeys underground. The construction works took 24 months. 

Office buildings A1 and A2 belonging to Poleczka Business Park in Warszawa also were recognized by the jury. They were invested by Poleczki Business Park, substitute investor was VBH Polska-Projekt Manager. Prime contractor – PORR. The building has aired curtain wall façades based on beam-and-girder construction. The buildings were built in 22 months.

SBC got third-degree award

The investor of Sterlinga Business Center office building in Łódź received third-degree award for its project. Budimex SA was the prime contractor; Hines Polska was the developer. The building has two-storey underground parking garage and nine storeys overground where offices will be found. The overground body of the building is based on L-shaped projection, which allows to  freely divide floors according to tenants' needs. The construction works took 15 months which undoubtedly is a success of the contractor and the developer.

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